A (Gelato) Tree Grows in Brooklyn – L’Albero dei Gelati

During one of my trips to Italy a few years ago, my fiancé and I decided that we wanted a break from museums. So we went on a serious (but fun) guided food tour of the best food spots in Rome. We ended up in Testaccio, Rome’s well known food district.

One of my life long “food lessons” came from that trip: what gelato should look and taste like. Italians, whether in Italy or in the United States, value and pride themselves on slow, local, unprocessed foods.

So, gelato should not have any of the following characteristics:


Sad gelato 😦 Everything that could ever be wrong with gelato. Psychedelic colors and a mile high. Credit: http://www.exurbe.com/?p=23921.

1. A weird, unnatural color. Be more vigilant when it comes to the fruity flavors. If it’s glowing, run away. (Unless your want the inside of your body to glow in the dark).2. Gelato that is highly mounded/tall when on display. This means the gelato is hard. It isn’t supposed to be. It is supposed to be soft and creamy. This is a sign of chemical usage to preserve the gelato.

Gelato should be: 1. Soft and creamy, 2. BELOW the top of the gelato bin (never piled up), 3. Natural looking colors.


Happy Gelato 🙂 Credit: http://www.exurbe.com/?p=2392

Enter L’Albero dei Gelati in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Originally from Lombardia (Northern Italy – Milan is the capital), this gelateria serves you gelato over the counter, just like in Italy.  It also has a sit down area for brunch, pastries and coffee.

Flavors range seasonally, but classics are aways on hand: stracciatella, cioccolato, gianduia, nocciola, and zuppa inglese. Seasonal flavors have included pesto and basil. For me, though, cioccolato is always right, no matter the season.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

L’Albero dei Gelati, 341 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


What is your favorite flavor gelato? Favorite gelateria? Leave it in the comments section!


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